NEW: Introducing reserved TCP ports for your reverse TCP proxy needs.

CRProxy's service and command line tool allow you to serve web content from your local machine, or behind any firewall.

See the quick start guide for setup details.

Share Files From Your Laptop

Share a local directory with a colleague or friend.

> crproxy share ./shared-directory
Serving on:

Share this URL with your colleague or friend and they can access your files via their browser.

Serve a Website From Your Laptop

Receive webhooks on your development machine to test an integration. Provide a colleague or client with a link to a site served from your laptop.

> crproxy proxy http://localhost:1234/
Serving on:

Use HTTP Authentication

HTTP authentication keeps your data private.

> crproxy proxy \
    -basic-auth-pwd super-secret \

Serve Content on Your Own Domain

> crproxy proxy \
    -hostname \

Automatic Certificate Handling

All traffic is encrypted using automatically generated TLS certificates.

Respectful of Your Privacy

CRProxy respects your privacy. We do not sell data to third parties.