Reserved Ports

Depending on your plan, you can reserve a number of TCP ports for your own use. With a reserved port, you can proxy any TCP-based network service through CRProxy proxy-servers.

Each TCP port reservation is for a specific proxy-server and port pair.

Managing Reserved Ports

You can manage your reserved ports in the web interface, by clicking on the Ports menu item.

Reserved TCP ports are assigned randomly for a given proxy-server. Feel free to delete and create a new reserved port if you're not satisfied with an assigned port.

Using Your Reserved Ports

Once you've created a reserved port, you can use it via the command-line client. For example, assume you've reserved port 8551 on You could forward this to your local ssh server with the following command.

crproxy proxy-tcp \
    -proxy-server \
    -port 8551 localhost:22