Custom Hostnames

You can create any number custom hostnames to use with account. Once verified, you can proxy traffic through CRProxy proxy-servers using your own hostnames.

Managing Hostnames

You can manage your hostnames in the web interface, by clicking on the Hostnames menu item.

Verifying Your Hostname

In order to verify a hostname, create a TXT DNS record for proxy_verify.your-hostname with your domain's Verification Token as the value.

For example, if you create the hostname in your account and it has a verification token 123, you would create a TXT DNS record for with value 123.

Using Your Hostname

In order to use your hostname, you need to create a CNAME record on your DNS server pointing to a subdomain of one of the CRProxy proxy-servers.

For example, if your hostname is, and you want to proxy traffic through, you would create a CNAME DNS record for with the value